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Proforma 575 runs when no one on it but stops after a few seconds

Proforma 575 treadmill will work when left running with no one on but stopsafter 20 sec when stood on.

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My treadmill motor starts exactly for a second and stops. Checked the motor brush it is fine and tried switching the power cables on the controller board, motor runs to high speed with direct current (which means motor is fine), it simply starts and stops (jst one second) when it recieves power from the controller. I guess the controller pcb has a problem. my wife was complaining that the machine was slowing down by itself untill one fine morning it completely stopped

That a qualified technician check the motor controller board the mosfet (IRF250N.) or diodes
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While running in the pikes peak mode, the grade increase stage continued raising without stopping. I depressed the down arrow for the grade with no results. The platform continued to rise until the rode threded completely out of the reciever. I powered down the treadmill and disconnected the power. I reinserted the threded shaft into the reciever and powered up the treadmill. Chosing the same program, I followed normal procdeures and after the three second countdown, the treadmill does not procede into the mode. We are unable to utilize any of the modes, walking, running, jogging, as after the three second mode is complete, in fails to engage. Your help and assistance would be great. My thoughts are that the "brains" in the program may have gone to sleep. Hopefully there is a reset or that a remedy for the problem is an easy one. We purchased the machine in 2007. We now live in south Texas, (Laredo), and the store in which we purchased the equipment from is not in the area, (Sports Authority in Virginia) Your help is greatly appreciated. I would like to speak with a representative to hopefully solve this problem at the $19.99 as mentioned in your add. John Buscaglia 105 Sand Dollar Court Laredo, Texas 78041 956-568-4575 home

It is not the problem with your micro computer. It is a problem with limit sensor photo switch near the region of your elevator motor. Either it loosed or cracked, broken. When the controller didn't see the signal limit for stopping, it just continue turning. Now it doesn't respond since it doesn't recognize current stage, it won't do any of command. It is a ROM so it can't be reset. Without the power if you can roll the elevate motor so its grade level can go down to 0% and try to locate the limit level switch to align, then plug in the power then it will be OK.
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Proforma 575 runs when no one on it but stops after a few seconds

These are two distinct problems. For the running but stopping it seems like a load or a feedback issue. I would start with the easiest - Lubricate,lubricate,lubricate the walking belt, you maybe overworking the motor drawing to much power causing shutting down - usually this blows the MCB (spendy) The other users problem more than likely comes from the motor, sounds like a bad leg (check the brushes and armatures)
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I have a horizon fitness t51 treadmill. I weigh about 138 pounds and typically run 5 miles a day at a 2% elevation at a steady speed somewhere between 5-6 mph. It recently has developed one of two problems....either it won't start at all (none of the buttons will work) or it starts and then immediately stops (within a few seconds) and beeps. I have found a way to get it to work....if I push the "start" and speed "2" button simultaneously then the treadmill starts. I can get the speed to increase by holding the speed "1" button down for 10 seconds and then sliding my finger to the "2" button for 10 seconds then sliding to "3" for 10....etc.... I can't use any other buttons once I get to my desired speed though, or it will shut the machine off. Any ideas of what might be wrong, how to fix it? Thanks a bunch!!!

Hi, from ur description i think ur treadmills control module have problem. motor driving card and motor is ok. normally there are no serviceable part inside the controlling module ( user interface module). only thing can do is remove the controlling module, take out its board check all the micro switches( press button switches) replace it found faulty or not( remember to remove the power before). the refix it and the test the tread mill. ok
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Itook my startrac pro s treadmill apart to move it from downstairs to upstairs in house. The wire running from bottom circuit board to display console got strained and bent two condensers on circuit board,Had these replaced.Treadmill now runs for 17 seconds at idle speed,3 seconds if you try to increase speed and then stops.Displays message"CHECK SPEED SYSTEM".Had speed sensor at flywheel and wire which was strained tested,which were both o.k.I Took cover off back of display console,nothing seems to be bent or broken that i can see,i also followed the steps for recalibrating the speed to no avail either.Before i had the condensores replaced the machine would not work at all it just made clicking noises.thats all the info. i can give. Please please HElp!!!Since posting this problem i've had some very good advise from one of your experts (blueextc) but i cant seem to make contact with him,in order to carry out his advise i need to enter maintenence mode and there in lies my latest problem,i cant gain access.I've checked all connections and nothing appears loose.I was able to do this originaly when i thought recalibrating the speed would fix my problem but now when i hold down buttons 0,2,and start,release 2, the machine just begins countdown and starts up(for just 17 secs of course)HELP PLEASE!!!

You will probably have to replace the system board. First check power supply to make sure it is giving a constant voltage to the system board. If voltage is variable and/or non constant, than it will need to be replaced. Check the power supply first. Than I would suggest testing each capacitor on the system board for shortage. Also look for any loose solder joints and see if there are any burn marks on bottom of the system board.
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