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My Treadmill Tunturi SofTrack J660 program shows ERROR 4, and won't decline. It stop's abrubtly at level 4 incline, but stayes inclined at level 10 at all time.

Posted by chriskasdorf on Mar 19, 2009

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Part of treadmill buttons won't work?

Remove the control panel and try to clan the board using isopropyl alcohol using a brush. Leave the board for one day so that it would get dry. Then install the control board back and check and check it. Sometime moisture acclimated on the control panel can cause such problems . If you didn't get isopropyl alcohol then put the control board in sunlight for one or two days. Then install the control panel and check whether it works or not. also try to replace all the switches on control panel board. you will get it in any electronic spare parts shop.Beside not to put it on direct sunlight it can cause problems to the display If you wish to get some more details about treadmill repair and service then check the following link.
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Treadmill incline stuck @ steepest level (highest)

MAKE SURE YOU STAND TO THE SIDE OF THE TREADMILL WHILE PERFORMING THIS 1)Connect the wall power to the treadmill 2)Remove the safety key 3)Hold down the red stop button and red increase speed button (this is the red triangle next to the start button) 4)Insert the safety key while holding both buttons down in step3 5)The treadmill will now go into a diagnotstic calibration mode 6)Let go of both buttons in step 3 and press the oval stop button once 7) Now press the up arrow green incline button once(This is located to the left of the yellow program button) 8) Allow the treadmill to go through a calibration cycle, once it completes and stops moving remove the safety key count to 3 and reinsert.
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Treadmill will not level out and motor sounds all the time

If the incline moves but only just a bit, it could be a problem as simple as the gearbox on the motor being jammed. We remove the motor from the treadmill, reconnect the wiring, and then try to run the incline motor outside the treadmill. Many times, this will unjam it if that is the problem and then reinstalling it in the treadmill will get it to work. If you have the same problem or it doesn’t run outside the machine and you can hear it try to work, you need to replace the incline motor.
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I have a Proform Treadmill XP550 that will not decline. I have tried all of the recalibration solutions on here, and reset and unplugged it several times. I opened up the cover and nothing seems to be broken as you can see it move up and down and all parts are intact. It stays at 9.5 incline. Whenever I restart or calibrate, it goes down a couple of notches and then right back up. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Use the software calibration for easy diagnostic and fix it. God bless you The Steps for Newer Style Console Calibration 1. Locate the calibration area on the rear or underside of the console (a hole, near the console's center, that goes through to the electronics board. (This hole should not have a screw in it.) 2. Insert a pencil (eraser end), into the hole and feel around for the cal button (will click when pressed). 3. Press the button 2 times (with the pencil eraser). The first click should show CL11 in the console, the second click should show CL21. 4. If the process was done correctly, and CL21 appears in the console, you are in "calibration mode." The next few steps consists of pressing buttons on the console and observing settings. This will not require any other tools. 5. Press ENTER. CL22 should display in the TIME window and (??) in the SPEED window. 6. Press ENTER. CL23 should display in the TIME window and (??) in the SPEED window. 7. Press ENTER. CL24 should display in the TIME window and (??) in the SPEED window. 8. Press ENTER. CL25 should display in the TIME window and (??) in the SPEED window. 9. Press ENTER. CL26 should display in the TIME window. You should then see the letter "E." 10. Press ENTER. You should see "SS" or "55" in the console. 11.Push the STOP/START button. For safety, at this point, you should step off, or be off, the treadmill. 12. Push the ENTER button. The walking belt should start to move, accelerate to maximum speed, then stop on its own. 13. When the belt stops, the incline should self test by raising to its highest incline position, then lowering back down to its lowest position. 14. Once the incline test is complete, push the POWER button 2 times. The unit should shut off and the console should go completely blank. If this happens, the treadmill is done calibrating and is ready for use. If the letter "F" appears in the SPEED or INCLINE window when the power button is pressed 2 times, the treadmill is indicating a failure somewhere either in the SPEED or INCLINE (depending on the window the "F" appeared in). Troubleshooting the failure would be the next step.
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Treadmill will incline but not stay up. incline # stays after bed lowers

incline Motor is not working it can be a few different things. 1) may not be any signal from the console which could be a damaged cable(tight the flexible cable from keypanel vs display board)2) Tight the connector from display board vs lower board ( main motor controller board the console itself has failed.3) The motor control board may have failed from a worn treadmill belt and deck measure 120VAC input for the board5) the motor may have burnt out Test try to measure 120VAC.6) potentiometer geared to the motor adjust it so the console knows what height the incline is at. 7) the gearing can slip, giving the console false information which can cause chassis damage.Now see the block diagaram that I did , for person like you, for to know how the main motor board has aprox 90% of functions of any treadmills. sincerely. Good luck, G-d bless you.E.CUADRAMANAGUA, NICARAGUA. C.A.
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My Sole F63 was working fine. One day, after we unplugged the treadmill and plugged it back in, the treadmill went through a start up process. It elevated the desk for a couple of seconds and stopped and gave an ELEVATION ERROR message. I tried it a couple more times, and the deck would elevate and not go back down. I tried recalibrating the treadmill. I followed the instructions and when it started, it would raise the deck to maximum height and then only go half way down. I tried pushing start and down while inserting the key, but that did not do anything. I tried going into the maintenance mode and the only thing I can get to there is KEY TONE. I just tried reconnecting the wires from the incline motor that plug into the main control board. The main gear shaft looks well lubed (we hardly use the incline feature). I ran the recalibration again and this time I noticed the LED light for UP INLCINE goes on when the deck moves up. The DOWN INCLINE LED goes on, but nothing happens. I am assuming it is the motor, but I would like to hear your opinions before I purchase one.

My treadmill had stopped with the deck raised too. I had to pull the wires to the motor to drive the deck back down, then turned the unit off. My motor has three wires going to it, Up, Common, and Down. To lower my deck I disconnected the Up and Down wires. Then I connected the Down wire to the Up plug on the control board. Thereby when the control board told the motor to go up it went down. After lowering the deck my fix was to lubricate the treadmill deck using a kit from a famous Sporting Goods store. Then the unit passed calibration and its been running well since. I had never lubricated the deck and track. I couldn't tell by rotating the treadmill tread that it needed lubrication. Nor could I tell a difference after lubricating the tread. Why the machine raised the deck and wouldn't lower it because the tread needed to be lubricated is a mystery. I think in my case I obtained a speed error, probably due to a little too much drag from the tread. Then failing calibration for speed must have corrupted the up/down calibration. Then turning on the unit caused it to raise the deck and not allow me to lower it. Please be careful if you are rewiring your motor to lower the deck. Unplug the unit first. Make your changes, then plug it back in. Then unplug the unit to return the wiring to its original position. When the Up wire is disconnected make certain that it does not short out or touch anything. It might be safer to connect the Up wire to the Down command, ie switch Up and Down as suggested by Art. (On my machine Up is Red, Common is White, and Down is Black, so Art's suggestion of switching Red and Black would be correct.) If rewiring your up signal to drive the motor down works, then your motor is okay and there most likely is an issue with the down circuit. Or you are lucky and just have to lubricate your deck/tread, then recalibrate as I did. Good Luck.
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